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Scientific Name :

විද්‍යාත්මක නාමය:

Acmella oleracea

Common Names :

වෙනත් නාම:

Akmella, අක්මැල්ල; Buzz Buttons, Paracress, Toothache Plant, Tingflowers, Sichuan Buttons, Electric Daisy,அக்ரகாரா, அக்ரஹாரா,

Medicinal Uses|Health Benefits :

අක්මැල්ල වල ඖෂධීය ගුණ:


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How to Use :


Side Effects :

අතුරු ආබාධ:

How to Grow & Care, Toothache Plant:

how to grow & care toothache plant

More Info Toothache Plant :

medicinal uses of toothache plant

Medicinal Uses of Acmella oleracea