Herbal Gardening in 2022: Customer Reviews (Updated)

herbal gardening in 2022

Story of Herbal Gardening : Best of Arunalu Plants Customers Collection

The idea of Herbal Gardening is not a new one yet most people in Sri Lanka tend to grow ornamental at the time we started selling Medicinal Plants. In 2010 we start with White Sandalwood Plants and the demand, decided where should we move our business.

After started our Facebook page in 2017 we were facing some difficulties to encourage people to grow herbs or medicinal plants in their garden instead of many other plants. The popular Facebook groups like Visithuru Mal, Sinhala Wedakama, and many other gardening and selling groups help us to share our content and attract more new customers. 

Facebook groups like Medicinal Plants Identification and ape osu pela blog, and biodiversity of Sri Lanka blog aid us to gain some knowledge and understanding of wrong identification.

At the end of 2019 where We built our website to sell online medicinal plants and reached the people who are searching to buy herbal plants. That helps Sri Lankan gardeners to buy what they want and find the most suitable. 

Throughout this journey, there were less criticism and more encouragement and continuous support from our customers become the reason for success. Especially when packaging and website improved based on most customers’ feedback and ideas. 

Here we show you our most special customers who are memorable and send their ideas and photos after purchased. As customer, You also can send your herb garden photos to us and add your thoughts to this content.

Our Customers

Mrs.Large from Matale

Mrs. Dushyantha Large visited our place one time and ordered more than 4 times online. She bought more than 100 plants from us & we value her support. She is one of the special customers, who share her plants' photos before even we thought to write this article.
Before she directly put plants on the ground she let all plants grow in a bed and after growing up to some level she move them. She prefers to grow all medicinal trees and native plants all over her garden. She uses her expert knowledge of plants she knows well about plant classification and so on. As an herbal plant nursery, There are a lot of things to learn from her.
avatar customer
Mrs.Dushyantha Large
A Botanist

Photos From Mrs.Large Herbal Graden

Her Thoughts About Us

Mrs.Randula from Kurunegala

Mrs. Randula & Her Husband both collect plants from our place. Before they visit us they made an online order through our online plant store. They planned to grow most medicinal plants in pots and select especially the herbal plants that can be used daily.

Also at the time, They didn't forget to add encouraging reviews even without we mention it. After a few months, they could grow well most medicinal plants.
avatar customer
Mrs.Randula Wedananda

Photos From Mrs.Randula Herbal Graden

Her Thoughts About Us

Mr. Lasindu Anusara from Veyangoda

Mr. Lasindu is student of D.S. Senanayaka College, Colombo 07. First time his mother contact us and later, he contact us for many orders. After seeing his herbal garden we were also amazed because of his enthusiasm to grow medicinal herbs unimaginable.

We are happy as a plant nursery that we could provide more medicinal plants for his herbal garden. As still a college student We appreciate his effort and the commitment. We invited him to send some photos of his garden within few hours he send these groovy images.
Mr.Lasindu Anusara
Mr.Lasindu Anusara
Herbal & Rare Plant Saver | Student

Photos From Mr.Lasindu Herbal Graden

Dr.Sujaawa Karunarathna from Peradeniya

Dr. Sujeewa works in Teaching Hospital Peradeniya. He purchased medicinal plants more than three times and from the beginning, Dr.Sujeewa shows his passion to grow these herbs in his garden. What we like about his action as he is truly a practical gardener who tried new fertilizers shared his experience with us and never hesitate to get support from us to grow well.

Even though the weather conditions were not better for some herbal plants Dr.Sujeewa tried his best. We appreciate within 24 hours Dr.Sujeewa sends all the photos despite his busy schedule. Hope he could see more success in his garden future.
Dr.Sujeewa Karunarathna
Medical Doctor at Peradeniya Hospital

Photos From Dr.Sujeewa Herbal Graden

His Thoughts About Us

Mr.Tharanga Karanayaka from Hakmana

Mr. Tharanga is another customer who is a very enthusiastic gardener and once he shares the photos with us we realize that he grows them with good knowledge and the growth of some plants is amazing.

He could see flowering within a very shorter period that he purchased from us and hope We can provide more rare medicinal plants for his herbal garden.
Mr.Tharanga Karanayaka
Herbal & Rare Plant Saver

Photos From Mr.Tharanga Herbal Graden

Dr.Rasika Kulathilaka from Kuliyapitiya

Dr. Rasika came to our place with his family a few years ago and again he brought some Pranajeewa plants through Courier services. We think that his idea about us gives you how he approaches us and the images he sends me are unbelievable.

He dedicated these Pranajeewa plants to Ravana Statue and not only that he shared with us what is the reason behind that so on. We too wish him to have good luck and continue his profession better to society.
Dr.Rasika Kulathilaka
Medical Doctor at Kuliyapitiya Hospital

Photos From Dr.Rasika

His Thoughts About Us

Mr.Tissa Dodangoda from Maharagama

Mr. Tissa is a very special person to our nursery. We never meet him but the support he gave us can't compare with any of our customers. Since the day he made his first order, he bought more than three times from us.

His vision of plants is very keen and he is a good observer and updated person. What we really like about him is unlike many others he doing all of this for his mental calmness. He always got many stories to share with us on herbal gardening.
Mr.Tissa Dodangoda
Senior Lecturer at University of Moratuwa

Photos From Mr.Tissa Herbal Graden

Mrs.Disna Weerawarna from Kadawatha

Mrs. Disna is a school teacher, a very kind-hearted person, She came up here two times and buy one time online. What we like about her, the habit of helping others, and As we remember she even decided to share some plants on her birthday.

She much likes to collect rare medicinal plants and add as many varieties to her Herbal Garden. We hope to give her more verities of medicinal plants in the future.

avatar customer
Mrs.Disna Weerawarna
School Teacher | Rare Plant Saver

Photos From Mrs.Disna Herbal Graden

Her Thoughts About Us

The lbis -Wilpattu Herb Garden

As we remember they know about us through one of our best customers and the first time they bought a lot of plants from us. Mr.Jeewaka on behalf of "The lbis- Wilpattu" Wants to grow them directly in the ground where they allocate a separate area for herbal plants.

What we like is that They did properly and neatly & interested in butterfly garden plants too. They never hesitate to tell about us to Their friends and recommend us.

Photos From Mr.Perera Herbal Graden

His Thoughts About Us

Mr. Sajith Perera - Kuliyapitiya

Mr.Sajith is a very friendly customer who bought medicinal plants more than 3 times from us. He is much likes to grow herbal plants and because of his undivided attention most of the plants grow amazingly.

Mr. Sajith gains more knowledge of herbal plants in a short period. See What he has shared with us, some of the photos are truly beautiful.

Photos From Mr.Sajith Herbal Graden

His Thoughts About Us

Mr. Yohan Wijesinghe - Avissawella

Mr.Yohan is a customer since the beginning of our online store. He bought medicinal plants multiple times from us & a friendly customer. After a little request, He sent us his herb garden images with the snap of his honest review on our My Business page. We believe that he is committed and willing to grow more medicinal plants.

Photos From Mr.Sajith Herbal Graden

His Thoughts About Us

Mrs. Nilmini Silva - Rambukkana

Mrs.Nilmini is a loyal customer who bought medicinal plants in 2021. Since the day she made his first order, she actively responded and kept a good connection with us. After we requested her to send photos of her herb garden, she responded well.

We are happy as a nursery to have a good customer like Mrs.Nilmini and wish her to achieve more success in gardening.

Photos From Mrs.Nilmini Herbal Graden

Her Thoughts About Us

Mrs. Nalani Udawatta - Seeduwa

First Time Mrs.Nalani bought some selected medicinal plants from us for her daughter's project. But later she bought one or two times from us to grow their home garden. After we requested her to send photos of her herb garden, she responded well.
We are happy as a nursery to have a good customer like Mrs.Nalani and wish her to achieve more success in gardening & her daughters' eductaion.

Photos From Mrs.Nalani Herbal Graden

Mrs. Samoda Dissanayake - Matara

Mrs.Samoda contacted us for Red sandalwood plants then she decided to make her first order with a few more medicinal plants. Also, We appreciated her patience & kindness because of the parcel delay during the pandemic season.
We are happy as a plant nursery to have a good customer like Mrs.Samoda and wish her to achieve more success in gardening.

Photos From Mrs.Nalani Herbal Graden


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