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Scientific Name :

Vitex negundo

Common Names :

Kalu Nika, Nil Nika, Dam Nika, Nika, නික, Chaste Tree,  Five-Leaved Chaste Tree, Sambhalu, Nirgundi, Chinese chaste tree, Horseshoe Vitex

Medicinal Uses | Health Benefits :

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How to Use :


How to Grow & Care, Chinese Chaste Tree:

how to grow & care chinese chaste tree

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Chinese Chaste Tree :

medicinal uses of chinese chaste tree

Please note that The “Kalu Nika” name is used for common identification purposes only because it became the common name used to call within the country. This is not the Kalu Nika plant identified by the scientific name of Litsea iteodaphne, Which is considered a rare plant.


What are the Health Benefits of Chinese Chaste Tree

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